What is God like?

God has revealed himself through the Bible.  In that book He tells us who He is and what He is like. Here are some words that describe God:

  • God is transcendent, existing above all that He created. He is self-existing and not only has life in himself, but also is the source of life.
  • God is immanent, near as well as transcendent. His presence and power pervade his entire creation. He does not stand apart form creation as a mere spectator.
  • God is omnipotent, all-powerful. The Bible tells us that the universe God has made speaks of His eternal power and deity.
  • God is omnipresent, in all places, all the time. He is fully present everywhere.
  • God is omniscient, knows everything. This includes our actions and our thoughts. Nothing surprises God.
  • God is eternal, timeless. He never had a beginning and will never have an end. He created time.
  • God is infinite, unlimited. He is not limited or confined by the universe He created.
  • God is unchangeable, does not vary.

Is it possible for a person to actually know God?

Yes. God is a person, not just an impersonal force. We can know Him and have fellowship with Him. God loves us and shows us his love in many ways.

How can a person become a Christian believer?

To become a Christian a person must first realize that he or she is “lost” - totally estranged from God, separated from God by a sinful nature. Get a Bible, the history of God’s relationship with humankind, and read from the chapter titled Romans.  Read Romans 3:23

A person alone cannot reconcile the lost relationship between himself or herself and God. To provide a remedy, God sent His only Son, Jesus, to live the perfect life God demands. Read Romans 6:23

Although humanity through sin has separated itself from God, the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross bridged that gap.  Read Romans 5:8

All that God asks is that a man or woman repent of his or her sins, turn from them and accept the sacrifice Christ made on the cross for those sins.  Read Romans 10:9

God promises in the Bible that anyone who accepts Christ as Savior shall be saved.  Read Romans 10:13

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How can I know for sure that I am a Christian?

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:9 and 10 that through confessing with the mouth and belief in the heart, we shall be saved. Not only does God want us to become Christians; He wants us to be secure in our relationship with Him.  The following will help you know that you’re a child of God:

  • Thank God daily that your salvation does not depend upon your good deeds or good works, but upon His grace.
  • Being obedient to His word in daily living. Obedience gives evidence that we are in relationship with Him.
  • Daily confession of sin through prayer. Unconfessed sinful actions and attitudes minimize the joy of the faith.
  • Worship and service. When you neglect either of these, then assurance of your permanent relationship with God can be diminished.

If you are trusting Jesus for your salvation, rather than your own good actions, and trusting God’s plan for your life by obedience to His word in daily living, you will have genuine gratitude to God for His work in your life.

When will Jesus return?

The Bible teaches that Jesus will return, but it also tells us that no one knows the time. By being secure in our relationship with Christ, we can be fully prepared for His glorious return.