What is Hymn & M's?

For our annual hymn memorization challenge, you will be memorizing 7 songs, one for each month of the school year. Each year, there’s a new color level with a new set of hymns. By the time you get to Middle School, you’ll know 35 songs about Christ!


How to participate

Learn Your Music
Listen to the recordings to learn the first part of each hymn as printed in the Hymn & M’s pamphlet. It’s online at
Share Your Music
Text a video of yourself singing to the Collide Choirs Hymn Hotline at (205) 440-2776 or sing them to a leader at Collide. Just do it before Spring Break.
Enjoy Your Music
For every hymn you sing, chow down on a bag of M&M’s®. And at the end of the year, you’ll get a special award, too.


Read, Sing, and Listen

Red Level Booklet

Red Level Recordings



Contact Hailey Pepper, Children's Music Coordinator, at or 205-871-7324.